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The Guide For Getting The Right Compression Stockings

Long hours at work can cause you tremendous pain and soreness of your muscles of legs. At the same time, inactivity also causes the same problems that can affect your overall performance at work. Depending on your condition, you may have to wear these few years constantly to see the improvement and get better. For this occasion, we will explain what compression socks do and why compression socks give the good results in the treatment of some conditions.

The definition of compression socks

The compression socks are designed to provide pressure to your legs so your blood flow could be better. When we say better, we think of directing the blood flow towards the heart, as the blood ends up in the limbs and does not go upwards. The poor blood flow manifests through the pain, discomfort and swelling of your legs. This can be a huge problem for people who are active all day, or who need to sit/stand for long hours. Of course, the problems will not start immediately but over the time, the symptoms may appear. In case you start feeling any of the above-mentioned states, it is the time to react. You can start by visiting a General Practitioner who can examine your problem and advise you on this subject further.

When do you need these to wear?

People usually wear these when they are having a problem with varicose veins or lymphoedema, though people tend to wear these as the prevention of the possible problems. Varicose is basically a form of the swollen or enlarged vein that becomes wider due to the constant activity or inactivity. Lymphoedema is a similar condition when tissue swells up due to the same reasons. Also, if you are into sport and have a lot of exercises and physical activity, you may consider wearing these as a way of prevention.

How to get the proper pair of compression socks?

In order to ensure that you get the right compression socks, you must know that the best way is to talk to a GP. The GP will examine your body and identify the potential problems, which will enable him to find the appropriate socks for you and your condition. These come in different sizes and lengths, as well as with the different amount of pressure these make. For this reason, the GP will measure your legs/feet to see what size suits you best. Of course, you can do this on your own by trying on the different models, but the easiest and most effective way is that the GP gives you the advice.

Once you get the proper ones, you should wear these during all day. Take them off when you go to sleep, so your feet could relax a bit. Usually, you get two pairs of these so you could wear one pair and have the other one drying. Also, have in mind that these must be hand washed at some 40 degrees of Celsius to avoid damaging and tearing.

The 4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blood Circulation

Circulation is actually the blood flow through your body. Your heart pumps the blood around your body and distributes it to all parts of it body in order to ensure good health. You must have heard that the elderly have poor circulation, as it decreases as a person ages, while young people have a good circulation. In any case, a proper blood flow also ensures that your brain gets enough oxygen to work properly. If there is not enough oxygen, it is very likely that your brain will start having trouble, which reflects on your overall performance. In this article, we reveal the easy ways to improve your blood flow!

Do not get overweight

A healthy body will have a healthy circulation and there will no problem. The overweight body fights the circulation, as the fat “closes” the arteries and prevents the proper blood flow. For this reason, it is imperative to avoid obesity and overweight in any possible way, as it is much harder to treat this problem than to prevent it on time. On top of that, overweight literally kills the ability of the body to take oxygen from the blood.

Exercise regularly

It is proven that an exercise increases the blood flow and ability of the body to take enough oxygen that the brain uses. A lack of physical exercises not only reduces this ability but also increases the risk of developing other cardiovascular diseases. Another thing that you will get through the regular exercises is that you will help your blood vessels to expand more. This allows the body to use more oxygen, which in returns offers easier relief of your muscles. This means that your body will be able to endure much more effort and harder physical activities without “breaking”.

Eat a lot of fish

Fish is known to be one of the most useful food for your body as it contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids that improve circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. All kinds of fish are good for health, but salmon, tuna and sardines contain the highest amount of these acids. Eating a tuna fish every two-three days will drastically increase your cardiovascular health and improve your circulation. In case you are vegan, you can buy supplements that contain these acids as the replacement for the actual fish. You can buy these in any pharmacy or supplement store.

Drink tea regularly

Tea is the great antioxidant that enhances health and improves circulation. Green and black tea are the most popular teas that are good for cardiovascular health and better circulation. Therefore, the tea improves the health of blood vessels, which in return prevents possibility for a stroke and problems with veins. Once you eliminate the problems with veins, you improve your circulation and blood flow. Have a habit of drinking at least one cup of green/black tea per day, ofto ensure that this great antioxidant “flushes” your body and removes the toxins. You can order many types of these teas online or buy them in any pharmacy.

Conditions That Confirm You Need To Wear Compression Socks

The compression socks are a form of hosiery that is created to ease up the pain in legs that occur due to the venous disorders. These disorders are results of the poor blood flow, which can cause blood clots if not treated properly. The socks use elastic fabric that applies pressure to the leg, ankle or feet and as a result, you have increased arterial pressure that produces a good circulation of blood. People do not often pay attention that much to this problem as they think that it is nothing serious. Therefore, we will explain the most common reasons and symptoms when you should get these socks to improve your health condition and prevent further possible complications.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

As your body has a constant physical activity or inactivity, it is very likely that the veins inside your legs will become clogged. A blood clot is a lump of blood that changed its liquid form into the solid-like state where it clogs the blood vein or artery and causes pain and other problems. DVT or deep vein thrombosis occurs when your veins are clogged with the blood clot that prevents the proper blood flow. Though it can happen on any part of your body, it is usually formed in the lower parts of your body. So, how can you know that you have DVT?

The DVT causes swelling and pain, especially on touch. Also, your skin may be warm at that part of the DVT formation and there is no limitations whom this can happen. Generally, the risk of developing DVT is bigger after you had a surgery or if you are overweight. Smoking can also cause DVT. Therefore, have in mind that it causes serious problems as the blood clot can travel all the way to your lungs and block an artery, which is called pulmonary embolism. This condition requires a surgical procedure to remove the blood clot. In any case, have in mind that DVT is a serious condition and it has to be treated properly.

Varicose Veins

The basic explanation of this state is enlarged veins. This happens because of the walking activity that increases the pressure in the veins that are in the lower part of your body. The symptoms of varicose veins include aching pain, dark purple color of veins and increased discomfort. Alternatively, a patient may feel a slight numbness in the legs as well as the burning feeling.

Poor blood circulation

The poor blood circulation may start not only because of the increased physical activity but also because of some of the other problems and conditions. The main symptoms include fatigue, joint cramping, numbness and cold feet, even though the outside temperature is way above the normal room temperature. This not only affects the overall quality of life, but also increases the risk of developing serious conditions that can harm your health. One of the main causes for this problem is atherosclerosis which occurs upon building up plaques inside your veins.