We started as a small company that made a partnership with the pharmaceutical company that made one of the earliest compression socks. After some time, we gathered more medical experts and physical professionals to help us understand this problem and find the appropriate way to design the best compression socks. The company, as well as this blog, is run by Jimmy R. Robbins who provides the compression stockings for women and leg sleeves of all sizes. He graduates from the University of Florida where he came to an idea to start a company that specializes only in this job. And that is how everything started!
The compression socks give the full support to your legs by applying pressure to your calves so the blood flow could be better. The compression ankle socks prevents the venous disorders like edema, phlebitis and thrombosis, which can be dangerous to health. These work by reducing the diameter of veins and increases the blood flow which results in decreased pain in legs/calves, as well as numbness. The point is that these compress the veins and forces the blood to flow through narrow channels. Once the arterial pressure is increased, more blood flows towards to heart instead of accumulating in the lower parts of body.